Should I Invest In Triple Glazing?

Ever since we began offering triple glazed products to customers, people have been curious to know whether triple glazing is a gimmick or worth the investment.

Triple Glazing

It’s definitely not a gimmick; otherwise we would refuse to stock it! In our opinion, we strongly believe that if you can afford the cost of triple glazing, you would be very wise to buy triple glazed solutions for your home.

We say that with some justification as the benefits of triple glazing speak for themselves:


Some automatically presume that triple glazing is incredibly expensive, but in actual fact it is surprisingly affordable. There is a very small price difference between double and triple glazed windows / doors. Remember too that the energy savings made after the installation of triple glazing will eventually cover the initial investment made.


Did the inside of your home feel chilly during winter? Comfort levels will improve after the integration of triple glazing as it is extremely good at retaining the heat produced by your heating system and keeping the cold out. It offers 60% greater thermal efficiency than a standard ‘C’ rated double glazed window.


Noise is a constant issue for many of those living close to a busy road or in a generally noisy neighbourhood. Three panes of glass are usually better than two panes of glass at restricting noise so long as the glazed sections and the cavities are of varying thicknesses, rather than the exact same thickness.


The extra pane of glass you get in a triple glazed window / door in comparison to a double glazed equivalent also means that thieves have an extra layer of glass to get through when attempting to break-in. Triple glazed products also come with the latest secure mechanisms, including a multi-point lock.


Buyers are likely to be more attracted to your property if you have triple glazed windows / doors fitted as they will benefit from all the above. They also won’t need to worry out paying for new windows and doors themselves as the typical lifespan of a good triple glazed window / door is 20+ years.

Triple glazing you can trust

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