Ideas Change, Exceptional Customer Service Does Not

A home improvement project, by its nature, is a fluid thing. Ideas change, plans change, budgets change – there’s a lot of variables to consider.

This was exactly what Graham Barlow found when he began planning his home renovations earlier this year. Having originally selected a more traditional conservatory, Graham and his wife began to discuss the possibility of opting for an extension instead.

“We’d been toying with ideas for a couple of years since my retirement and began investigating the conservatory angle,” explains Graham.

“We came across Clearview and were really impressed with their showroom, there were so many different designs, it was a great way for us to be able to hone our ideas. The guys came out to our home and took some pictures, within no time we had some visuals of how the conservatory could look, with adaptable colour and design options.”

Wowed by the range of options and level of customer service, Graham committed to ordering a new conservatory, though the build wasn’t scheduled to take place for a couple of months.

In the months leading up to the project beginning, Graham and his wife had a change of heart.

“Due to some other commitments, we signed the contract for the project quite a while before it was due to begin. In the time that passed, we had a think about it and thought that we’d perhaps been a little hasty. The more we thought about it, the more we edged towards an extension.

“The guys were all really understanding and accommodating, the order was quickly put on hold while we decided exactly what we were after. Once we’d settled on an extension, the Clearview team were brilliant at explaining exactly what they could offer and how they could make it work.”

Not long after the new order was booked, Graham and his wife had the extension that they’d dreamed of since his retirement some years ago.

“The guys came to measure up, went away and came back to fit the doors and windows. I have to say; the service was top drawer. We noticed some small rippling in the glass and made the Clearview team aware. Nothing was too much trouble, they quickly came out and replaced the glass no problem.

“Things don’t always go smoothly, but what matters is the way they are resolved. I have no issue at all recommending Clearview to friends and family.”

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