Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing: Which Is Right For You?

Window shopping isn’t easy and we’re not talking about browsing the store front of your favourite high street clothing brand. We’re referring to buying new replacement windows for your home as they need to perform several roles – make it look pretty, keep it secure and keep it feeling warm.

Triple Glazing

Ever since we began stocking triple glazed windows alongside our double glazed window range, customers have been keen to know which of the two solutions they’re best investing in.

It’s hard to pick a winner out of them and that’s why we sell double glazing and triple glazing. All we can do is present you with the facts and let you decide for yourself…  

Energy efficiency

When shopping for new windows it is important to take notice of the U-values of any potential replacements as a U-Value tells you how the window performs in terms of insulation – the lower the U-Value, the better.

The average U-Value of a standard UPVC triple glazed window is 1.0 W/m²k and it offers 40% greater thermal efficiency than some of the best performing A-rated windows. Quality thermal performance is also assured with all double glazed windows from Clearview as they’re A+ energy rated as standard, far higher than the industry standard.


Triple glazing is often advertised as being a method of shutting out external noise caused by busy traffic, aeroplanes, trains, noisy neighbours etc. There is some truth to that, but only in certain circumstances.

It can only be an effective sound reducer when the three glazed panes aren’t the same thickness due to air being capable of passing through a solid easier than it does through air. Most triple glazed windows have glazed panes and cavities with identical thicknesses, so they won’t make that much of a difference in that regard.


A window is no good if it isn’t secure. Up-to-the-minute double and triple glazed windows are both incredibly secure as they’re manufactured from a UPVC or aluminium profile and each of these materials are renowned for their resilience.

They also have a multi-point locking mechanism affixed to their designs and it is a tamper-proof system that can resist serious force from the outside. Though both internally beaded, making the removal of the glass from outdoors impossible, you could say having three panes of glass as opposed to two is a bonus layer of protection.


You can probably guess that triple glazing is more expensive to buy than double glazing, but the difference in cost is marginal and you need to remember how much money new windows will save you in the long-term.


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