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It’s an expensive few weeks coming up for local families as we hit the home straight towards the Christmas and New Year periods, but don’t let that put you off your home improvement plans.

Clearview is giving you the opportunity to purchase that brand new lifestyle extension or invest in thermally efficient replacement windows NOW and pay NOTHING until 2019 (7.9% APR)!

We hope it will give you the little bit of breathing space you need to pay for all those up-to-the-minute home improvement solutions that you’ve been lusting after for months, maybe even years.

Now is the perfect time to be assessing how and where your home can be improved in 2018. If you’re seeking inspiration, our most in-demand offerings at the moment include:

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Conservatories with a traditional polycarbonate or glass roof covering are susceptible to the cold and often become inhabitable during the winter months due to their frosty feel – the problem is easily resolved.

The existing roofing system can be removed and a solid tiled or slate roof can be very quickly retrospectively added to the existing structure in its place to make the conservatory fully thermally efficient again.

Home extensions

Speaking of conservatories, our extensive range of home extensions are currently selling well as homeowners look to expand their properties in the New Year.

A conservatory or orangery can serve numerous purposes i.e. a family room, a live-in kitchen or a home office and we can supply it with a solid roof already integrated.

Did you know that property experts estimate that a home extension can add around 7% to the resale value of your house?

Replacement windows and doors

No-one wants to have cold draughts floating around inside their home, but they will be commonplace if your existing windows and doors don’t provide sufficient insulation.

Consign draughts to history and keep more of the heat generated by your boiler trapped indoors when you replace your current windows and doors with newer replacements constructed from materials such as UPVC and aluminium. Energy bills will become more affordable too once new windows and doors have been installed.

Take advantage of this incredible offer now

Put any money worries you have in relation to home improvements to one side by securing them now with nothing to pay until 2019. You can find further ways of financing the home improvement products available at Clearview on our finance page.

*Credit is supplied subject to application and status, terms and conditions do apply*

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