Beat Those Energy Bills With Double Glazing In Preston

During the colder winter months many of us will turn our heating up trying to keep our homes warm and cosy. This can cause our bills to increase by up to 40% causing many homeowners to cut down on their monthly outgoings just to make sure that they can afford the bill when it arrives through the letter box.

Windows are one of the main offenders of heat loss within our homes – a massive 20% can be lost through a single paned window. Double glazing is a brilliant way of helping to reducing the amount of heat that is lost from your home and helping you to save energy. Some forms of double glazed windows including Low E glass, can actually help to heat your home. This type of glass not only allows more light into your home, it also lets more of the sun’s heat in to your property compared to standard single glazed windows which reduces the amount of heating that you will need to use during the winter.

Double glazing in Manchester, double glazing in Liverpool and double glazing in Preston is essential if you want to reduce those bills. No matter if you live in a new property or an older building double glazed windows can be installed or retro-fitted ensuring that everyone can reap the benefits of double glazing,

Double glazing can also make your home more secure. With the additional panel of glass, double glazed windows are much thicker than their single glazed counterparts making them much harder to force open. They are also installed with the latest multi point locking systems ensuring that your family and belongings are safe from intruders.

Don’t let the rising price of energy worry you any longer, invest in double glazing today to ensure that your house in warm and cosy this winter.

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