I Was Always Going To Choose Clearview For My New Windows…

When Chris Kay decided it was time to replace his old windows, all he knew was that money was tight and that his options would likely be limited. What Chris got, though, was a big surprise. In just six short weeks, Chris had brand new replacement UPVC windows throughout his home – all within budget.

His existing windows had stood the test of time, lasting since his home was first built in 1983. Endless sanding, painting and polishing had seen Chris maintain the wooden windows for close to four decades. Ultimately though, enough was enough, it was time for a change.

No stranger to the team, Chris had used Clearview for a Roofline upgrade back in 2012, having his facias and soffits replaced, and had no qualms about getting back in touch.

“They did such a fantastic job seven years ago, their entire process was excellent,” said Chris.

“I’d always said that, if I managed to save the money up, I’d love to get my windows done. The choice of provider was simple, I was always going to choose Clearview.”

Chris set his budget and enquired about a series of new windows throughout his home, though admittedly having already resigned himself to the likelihood that he wouldn’t be able to afford everything. Armed with measurements and drawings, Chris headed to Clearview’s Warrington showroom and was greeted by the sales team who quickly arranged for a home visit just two days later.

“It was Alan Nichols, one of the Senior Design Consultants, that came out to see me and price up the job. I explained that money was tight, but that I’d ideally love to be able to get all the windows done at once.

“Alan was fantastic, he spent five minutes crunching some numbers and, to my surprise, came back and said he could do everything within budget! I was over the moon!

“I couldn’t believe I was going to make such a great saving, I honestly thought I was going to have to wait years to get the rest of my windows updated.”

Chris signed the contract and the plan was set. Just two weeks later, he was visited by surveyors for a final check before work began. Less than six weeks after the contract was signed, Chris had stunning white PVC windows throughout his home.

“The installation took just two days. The guys came on the Monday and did most of the work, then popped back for an hour on Tuesday morning to finish off a few things.

“I really feel like I’m part of the Clearview family at this point. Everyone was so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process, I even wrote the guys a thank you card when the job was complete.

“A few weeks after the job was done, Alan visited me out of the blue just to have a chat and see the finished job. I consider Alan a friend at this point, it’s a level of customer service you won’t find anywhere else.”

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