3 Steps You Can Take To Lower The Threat Of Condensation

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Threat Of Condensation

As is often the case at this time of year, we get asked a lot by customers for our advice on minimising condensation. 

Too much condensation is something that needs to be dealt with as it’s no good for your windows, and in some instances, it’s also no good for your health. 

Once your windows develop mildew and mould, and you’re exposed to it, it increases your chances of getting respiratory problems and things like skin irritation, if you suffer from allergies. 

Amongst the things you can do are these three pieces of advice, which should have a positive impact.

Ventilate your living space

The inside of your home needs to be well-ventilated, particularly areas like your kitchen and bathroom, where humidity levels can be high at times. 

The simplest thing to do is just to open some windows prior to cooking or running a hot bath or shower so that the heat can be let out and isn’t trapped in. 

One or both of these rooms might also have an extractor fan, which you should use to extract heat.

An open window

Hang your washing outside

It’s not as easy to hang your washing outside in winter as it is in summer, but a few autumn days might be nice enough to do it. 

When it’s warm enough, take your washing outside and give your radiators and / or tumble dryer a rest. 

Using either of the latter will just cause a buildup of moisture and create humidity, as well as cost you money.

Clothes on a washing line

Keep your heating on low

Several energy suppliers are raising their prices next month, making it important not to overuse your heating. 

To make condensation less of a menace, put your heating on a low temperature that feels comfortable and don’t change it, where possible. 

It won’t help the situation if you are regularly turning your heating up and down.

A thermostat

If all of this doesn’t have the effect you were hoping for, your windows need to be changed, and the sooner, the better. 

Amongst our Helpful Guides is one offering more advice about condensation. You can download a copy of it for FREE here.

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