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Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing: The Right Windows For You

Single glazed windows ruled the roost in the world of windows until double glazed came on the scene and stole its thunder, something that triple glazing is somewhat doing to double glazing nowadays.

Double Glazing

You would struggle to get triple glazed windows in the UK until a few years ago as it was traditionally reserved for colder climates, but in response to the growing cost of household energy, most UK window suppliers now fit and install the product.

This provides window buyers with added choice, though some may question whether triple glazing is actually any better than double glazing.

It is a debate that rages on and one that you may not have much familiarity with. This needs to change if you’re currently looking to replace your existing windows, so here’s how they both measure up in certain key areas:


You should always take notice of the U-value provided by a replacement window as the lower the U-value, the better it is at providing insulation and keeping a property warm.

Most UPVC triple glazed windows offer a U-value of just 1.0 W/m²k.

This makes a UPVC triple glazed window 40% more thermally efficient than a standard “A” rated double glazed window and 60% more thermally efficient than a standard “C” rated double glazed window.

Noise Reduction

Triple glazing is regularly advertised as being a good noise reducer and the best solution for those wanting any external road or rail noise to stop giving them a constant headache. This claim is exaggerated to an extent.

This would only be true if the triple glazed windows included glass panes with varying thicknesses as research proves that sound travels through a solid far more easily than it does through air.

You will find though that most triple glazed windows come with glazed panes and cavities that are of the exact same thickness. Unless the unit is correctly sealed it will also make very little difference in terms of noise reduction.


Many people will base their decision on cost when deciding between investment in double or triple glazing and in actual fact there isn’t much of a price difference.

Remember too that you will likely save a lot of money energy-wise once you have either window option integrated into your home – they will pay for themselves eventually.


Amongst their many other purposes, windows are there to shield your interior from the outside world and will only do that if they’re tough enough to withstand any excess force applied by intruders.

All double and triple glazed windows come with multi-point locking mechanisms that are integrated into a very resilient framework.

It must be said though that the inclusion of an added pane of a glass in a triple glazed window will obviously provide enhanced security in comparison to a double glazed window which only comes with two glazed panes.

Make your choice at Clearview

Clearview Home Improvements incorporated triple glazing into its product range a few years ago and double glazing is still an integral part of our product portfolio too.

Clear any uncertainty in your mind about these two possibilities by chatting to a Clearview consultant over the phone or in a showroom.




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