Being a Leyland homeowner is an expensive business, particularly for those who are being hit in the pocket by rising heating costs. The average annual energy bill has never been so high and is proving a financial burden for many people.

You need to take the initiative and ease the situation by having energy efficient double glazed windows installed at your home. They perform terrifically well throughout the year and will enable you to utilise your boiler on a less frequent basis.

Heat loss will be massively reduced too as UPVC windows from Clearview Home Improvements retain warm air far more effectively than a single glazed window. Comfort levels will also be enhanced because of their presence, leading to a cheaper energy bill.

However, improved energy efficiency is just one major asset of replacement windows. Another is their ability to provide superb security. Each window is rigorously tested to make sure that it is durable enough to see off any potential intrusion and they come affixed with a multi-point locking system that’s guaranteed to shut out thieves.