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The Perfect Fixtures And Fittings For Your Conservatory Style

There are various steps that need to be taken when buying a conservatory to ensure you get a dream home extension.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Internal Detail

Once you have found a reliable home improvement specialist like Clearview you then need to pick a suitable style, colour, material etc. When crafting the design we also have to check that the proposed structure satisfies building regulations and whether it needs planning permission before work starts.

During that process, you also need to decide upon the types of fixtures and fittings you want included in the conservatory as without them no conservatory can be considered complete.

Potential fixtures and fittings for conservatories include…


  • Light fittings
  • Plug sockets
  • Units (shelves, cupboards)
  • Fixed furniture



  • Blinds / Curtains
  • Mirrors
  • Sofas
  • Lampshades

Plenty of thought should go into every single fixture and fitting you choose as it will obviously influence the entire look and feel of the interior. Remember to accurately measure up the interior before you buy anything to ensure it can be accommodated within the space.

Our Inspirations page is always a good starting point for ideas relating to fixtures and fittings and there are also plenty interiors’ magazines out there where you’ll also find some invaluable assistance.

To get the perfect fixtures and fittings there are things you need to think about…


Check the comfort levels offered by any seating you buy for your conservatory by lounging on it just as you would at home. Also, inspect the frame and be certain that no creakiness occurs when you’re adjusting yourself on the seating.


Conservatory blinds can be bought in a host of colours and patterns, so choose blinds that complement the décor. They must be made-to-measure; otherwise you run the risk of the blinds failing to cover the full length of any windows.


Conservatories aren’t just for using in the daytime. You can enjoy bright night time usage with the integration of spotlights into any internal pelmet. Solid roof conservatory buyers may also want to add roof windows to the design, along with any other lighting solutions they fancy.

If all this talk about fixtures and fittings for conservatories has made you want one, create a conservatory with Clearview. Make a start by booking an appointment.





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