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Orangeries vs Conservatories: The Right Glass Extension For Your Home

When parting with a significant amount of money, you want to be 100% sure you’re investing in the right product for you. This applies with conservatories and orangeries alike.

Stone Built Orangery with Tiled Roof


They aren’t the same thing, which may shock some of you. There is, in fact, major differences between them both.

Conservatories were originally built to maintain citrus fruits that weren’t native to the UK throughout the winter. They predominantly feature a glass or solid roof with brick walls. At Clearview, our plethora of conservatory designs, offer both space and value. We boast a huge selection of nine styles of conservatories, so you are sure to find the perfect addition to your home.

On the other hand, orangeries are made up of solid brick pillars, large glazed windows, brick or stone bases and a lantern roof. This enables streams of natural light to enter the room and make you feel closer to the outdoors. They are airy spaces due to the glazed roofs as well as being cosy and inviting throughout the year. There are four styles to choose from. When you choose Clearview to install an orangery, you are immediately adding the extra room, light and space you always imagined, as well as being both practical and enjoyable.

If any of you are into numbers, or find them more trustworthy, the 75% rule is sometimes applied. If there is 75% or more glass in the roof, it is a conservatory. However, if there is less than 75%, then it is classed as an orangery.



When deciding what you want for your home extension, think about what you want to gain from it; a view of the garden, a new kitchen space, a livin’ space or just an extension of your home. Once you have decided, book a 1 hour appointment at your local Clearview showroom, where we will advise you on the best option. Our designs go beyond expectation.

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