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What You Need To Know About Composite Doors

Every modern-day homeowner needs to be absolutely certain that their front / rear doors offer all-round rock-solid door performance and we can say without a shadow of a doubt that a composite door does.

Red Composite Doors

Composite doors consist of an amalgamation of materials including timber, insulating foam and they have a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) skin on their outer layer. The merging of these materials makes a composite door amazingly similar in appearance to a wooden door, but any aesthetical likeness is where the similarities end between the two door solutions.

Available in a wide choice of colours, a composite door’s biggest and best assets easily exceed those of an authentic wooden equivalent and they can be narrowed down to the following:

Stupendously secure

The primary job of any front or rear door, not just a composite door, is to keep your home protected and a composite door has all the ingredients needed to do that, as proved in testing.

The external frame is tremendously tough and it has a multi-point locking mechanism, one of several locking components housed in a unique ‘inner frame’ to minimise the chances of them being broken.

Enduring performance

You would be completely right to feel short-changed if your new replacement front or rear door didn’t last for many, many years.

Composite doors don’t disappoint on that front as they have a longer lifespan than most timber and UPVC doors and come with a lengthy guarantee to back that claim up.

Sound reducing

Noisy passers-by and busy traffic can drive you up the wall. The installation of a composite door will help in these circumstances as it offers quality soundproofing to help cut the amount of external noise that disturbs you.

Replace your old single glazed windows for double or triple glazed upgrades at the same time as fitting a composite door and noise levels will be drastically turned down.

Low maintenance

Looking after your door can be such a chore but it’s something you have to be prepared to do if you have a timber door as wood can split, warp and lose its colour.

The maintenance needed to keep a composite door in prime condition solely extends to giving the frames and hardware a thorough wiping with a wet, soapy cloth every few months and nothing else.


Does a composite door sound like the type of door you’ve been looking for? Find out more about this exceptional door solution here.




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