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How To Make Sure Your Home Is Heated Correctly For Winter

We’ve all been caught off guard by the recent weather – summer has turned into winter far more quickly than usual.

Green Composite Door

This is the last thing you need as a householder if you know that your property isn’t well insulated and has a tendency to feel very cold inside once outside temperatures drop.

If you own a home like this, rather than keeping your fingers crossed that the weather isn’t too cruel to us over the coming months, make these moves now to heat it up properly.

Turn off the radiators in unused spaces

There’s nothing like cosying up in the living room or heading up to a well-heated bedroom at bedtime in winter – even the thought of it makes you all warm inside.

But it makes far less sense to have the radiators on in areas of the house that aren’t utilised as often such as the spare bedroom, loft etc. Only heat these rooms when you know you are going to use them.

Install thicker sets of curtains

Your existing windows could be responsible for a large quantity of the heat lost from your home and cold air getting in.

The logical step, other than replacing the windows, is to buy some thicker curtains as they will improve heat retention by reducing the air flow between warm and cold areas of a room. Make sure that you close them as soon as it gets dark as that’s when temperatures really start to take a tumble.

Be smart with your heating

You can do virtually anything with your mobile phone nowadays and this includes controlling your heating when out of the house and on the move.

Smart thermostats have been invented in recent years like Hive Active Heating which enable you to schedule when you want your heating to come on and switch off throughout the day via a mobile application.

There’s nothing pleasant about walking into a cold house and that won’t ever need to happen again as your boiler can be scheduled to kick into action in advance of you inserting that key in the lock.

Fit thermally efficient windows and doors

It is estimated that poor insulating windows and doors can be responsible for up to 25% of heat loss. To identify any signs of ineffective insulation walk past your current windows and doors and see if you feel any coldness coming through. You could also take a candle close to them and see if the flame overly flickers.

Come to Clearview if you need thermally efficient replacements as we supply double and triple glazed windows and doors that can achieve very high thermal standards. Not only will they heat up your home interior, but they’ll also save you a fortune on heating costs.

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