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Inspired Ideas For Conservatory Buyers

It’s something of a momentous decision when you conclude that you definitely want a conservatory in your life as it will be one of the most lavish purchases you ever make. When spending all that money you need to be absolutely certain that you buy a conservatory design satisfying the full list of criteria you have in your mind.

Victorian Conservatory

The sort of questions you need to be asking yourself before handing over your hard-earned cash to a conservatory specialist like Clearview includes:

  • Will it complement the age and character of my house?
  • Will the conservatory style and colour I choose look as fashionable in 20+ years as it does now?
  • Is this design likely to increase the resale value of my home?
  • Do I have the opportunity to incorporate my personality into the design and make it unique to me?
  • Is the design substantial enough to accommodate the whole of the family and any friends that wish to join us?

Once you come to the conclusion that all of these questions have been answered satisfactorily you’ve found the perfect conservatory!

You’re likely to find our Projects Gallery extremely useful if in the market for a new conservatory as we have several of the stunning conservatories we have supplied regionally showcased on the page. There’s such an eclectic selection of designs on display in a host of styles and all furnished in a contrasting fashion. Every conservatory you could want is on there, from traditional designs to the most cutting edge offerings.

We can sum up some of the available styles as follows…

Edwardian – developed several Centuries ago, the Edwardian conservatory has timeless styling and can be identified by its lofty roof and the flat walls inside the design.

Victorian – its distinctive hexagonal / octagonal shape and circular frontage suits the period residence and provides you with a beautiful panoramic view of the outdoors.

Lean-To – a very compact conservatory, the Lean-To is tailor-made for bungalows and homes with a low-pitched roof. Though slender, floor space inside a Lean-To is plentiful.

Gable – better suited to the larger property, the Gable boasts visually pleasing sightlines throughout and offers a host of headspace while drawing in loads of natural light.

Bespoke – several of the designs you will see were specially designed for the householder as we give everybody the chance to go bespoke.

More inspiration for any new conservatory you’re thinking about buying can be found in our conservatories brochure. Download a copy of it here.


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