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Inspiration: Porches

A porch installation may seem a fairly insignificant home improvement measure to some people, but those who own one usually find them invaluable and wonder how they ever coped without it.

The pricelessness of a porch is unquestionable when you factor in a couple of the primary ways it can be utilised:

  • A storage point for any parcels deposited when nobody is the house
  • Frees up space in the rest of the house as any shoes, hats, scarves, coats etc. can be kept in its confines

A stylish protruding front porch will also capture the eyes of visitors and show off your home in a positive fashion.

For it to do this, the porch design needs to be in keeping with your home’s architectural styling, nicely glazed, and should be suitably accessorised, both inside and out, once the porch has been fitted.

Need some inspirational ideas to create a perfect porch that’s far from plain? Read on!

Potted plants

When your porch looks a little bare, the addition of some vibrant potted plants either side of the entranceway will invigorate its appearance. Large and lush plants are what you need for them to stand out from a considerable distance so that passers-by instantly catch sight of them. Just remember to give them a regular watering.

Hanging Baskets

An alternative method of adding some eye-catching colour to the outside of your porch is to fit a hanging basket or two filled with flowers that flourish throughout the different seasons. Begonias, Fuchsias and Petunias are perennial favourites for hanging baskets.


To keep a constant spotlight on your porch have some form of porch light, ornate or otherwise, added above or at one or two sides of the design that you can turn on at night. If you’re on a small budget then you can purchase LED battery-powered lights for very little that you can stick to the inside ceiling of the porch to help illuminate the interior and accentuate the porch’s presence to the outside world.

Porches aplenty at Clearview

Anyone interested in a porch will be pleased to know that most porches can be implemented without planning permission if they are considered to be a “permitted development”. A Clearview consultant will be able to advise on whether your porch design complies with the necessary guidelines in relation to planning permission and building regulations which are an entirely separate issue.

Arrange a callback from Clearview now to take the first step towards a beautiful porch.

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