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How To Improve Your Conservatory

We bet when you first walked into your conservatory after it had been constructed, accessorised and furnished that it gave you a massive rush of adrenaline. Do you get that same feeling now? If you honestly don’t, recapturing that feeling is far from impossible; you just need to improve the space.

Internal View of Solid Roof Conservatory

It’s a great time to be improving your conservatory with summer not too far away. Do it well and your conservatory will almost certainly become the central point for all your summer home activities.

We have some cracking creative ideas that once implemented will have you absolutely itching to spend the majority of your spare time in its stunning confines.

Conservatory blinds

Let’s hope that we get lots of sunshine this summer so that it occupies your conservatory and leaves it feeling spacious and energised.

So that the sun doesn’t damage your furnishings, invest in some conservatory blinds in a style (vertical, Venetian, roller, Roman) and colour (neutral or pastel colours usually work best) that complements them.

The positioning of your conservatory may also expose the interior to outside eyes. You can always draw or pull the blinds down to stop people from seeing in when you want a bit of privacy.

Rattan furniture

Freshening up your conservatory furniture will rejuvenate the space and you can organise it in a way that bests suits your lifestyle choice.

The quality of rattan conservatory furniture has risen in recent years. Previously it was criticised for its styling, design and colour.

Rattan furniture now has a far more pleasing look and offers a dual-purpose as it can be installed both inside the conservatory and outside. Whenever you fancy soaking in the sun outdoors, just move it from conservatory to garden.  

Solid roof installation

In our last blog post, we highlighted the growing demand for solid roof systems as householders look to reinstate thermal efficiency inside their extensions. Replacing the current roof is the best option.

A solid roof installation will bring an end to any issues caused to the internal temperature by the weather as it offers superb insulation – no more furnace-like conservatory conditions.  

You need the necessary permissions to fit a solid roof and once you have them it can usually be made watertight within a day (the full installation only taking a few days).

“I want a conservatory!”

Some of you reading this may not have a conservatory, but we may have given you an urge to own one. Check out our Conservatories page to see the many styles we have on offer.  


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