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Your Guide To The Best Colours For A Modern Front Door

Your front door is one of the first things that people notice when they’re walking towards your property – it therefore needs to look part if you want to leave them suitably impressed.

Green Composite Door

Underwhelmed by the current appearance of your front door? It’s time to make a change and exchange it for a newer model in a fashionable colour that will completely change peoples’ perceptions.

But which colour do you have applied to your new front UPVC door, composite door or rockdoor? It’s a question our consultants are often asked and they’re always happy to pass on the following advice:

Lively & Daring

A vibrant front door will really make your home standout, display your personality and make even the gloomiest of days a little more colourful.

Why not express the love you have for where you live and make a bold statement with a Poppy Red door that makes the property the talk of the neighbourhood.

Classic & Timeless

Those reluctant to be too over adventurous with their door colour can stay on safer ground and stick with subtle and ageless finishes like Black or a Slate Grey as they’ll deliver endless elegance to any door solution.

Just because you play things safe doesn’t mean that the door won’t have a big impact on your residence – we assure you that it will.

Green & Gorgeous

One of the most on-trend colours at the moment is Green and there are several variations of traditional Green available.

We refer to shades like Chartwell Green, a very delicate and pale finish that will help a front door effortlessly blend in with any greenery outdoors. A deeper Green will better suit you if you’re looking to get across your fondness for nature.

Don’t forget those other important finishing touches

Once you’ve settled on a certain colour, there’s the small matter of furnishing the door with some stylish hardware and accessorising its surrounds by adding e.g. a fetching door mat, colourful hanging basket, but that’s a discussion for another day. For now, just concentrate on choosing a colour that you and others will never tire of admiring.

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