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Considering A Solid Roof?

You will be far from the only person wanting a solid roof for their conservatory if it has ceased offering sufficient thermal efficiency and you’re keen to get maximum use out of it this autumn / winter.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

The recent development of solid roofs has been a real salvation for conservatory owners in this predicament as this advanced roofing system transforms conservatories, old and new, into the cosiest of retreats, suitable for use throughout all the seasons. This includes when the weather is at its absolute worst!

Consisting of realistic slates / tiles and containing insulated plywood and rigid insulation board, a solid roof is more reliable than a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof and can take the place of either in just a few days so long as the existing base, windows and doors are capable of taking the weight of a new roofing system. It will significantly improve thermal and acoustic insulation and can be fashioned to fit a host of conservatory styles.

When replacing a glass roof for a solid roof there will inevitably be a loss of natural light. But this shouldn’t be a deal breaker as you can include one or more double glazed Velux style roof windows or rooflights to keep the space as illuminated as it was previously.

Planning permission, building regulations and solid roofs

There is the possibility of planning permission needing to be obtained prior to a solid roof installation commencing.

When you have Permitted Development Rights no planning application has to be made, however, check that these Permitted Development Rights have not been withdrawn first. There are also sometimes restrictions placed on new-build properties which may require the submission of a planning application.

Solid roof conservatories are classed as being an extension, so you will also need Building Regulations Approval whether constructing one from scratch or replacing a glass roof for a solid roof. If adding a solid roof to a conservatory that you originally had to gain planning permission to build, you will have to re-apply for planning permission due to the change of use.

If a solid roof sounds like what you need to enjoy conservatory living in comfort 365 days of the year, contact the Clearview team to discuss your options in detail.


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