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What Is A Cavity Tray And Will My Conservatory Or Orangery Need One?

There is absolutely no shame in not knowing what a cavity tray is as most of our customers don’t. However, once you have begun discussing conservatories and orangeries with a Clearview consultant you will be fully up-to-speed with its purpose and importance.

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A cavity tray is an internal moisture or water barrier featuring a series of trays designed to stop rainwater from falling into the cavity wall and causing damp above any windows and doors included in the design. Any damp is usually the result of heavy rainfall soaking the external brickwork and seeping into the cavity between the inner and outer walls. This is something that needs to be seriously thought about when a current external wall of a house is adapted into a rear internal wall due to the installation of a conservatory, orangery or solid roof extension.

There is an additional charge for the fitting of a cavity tray so you probably want to know if it’s worth it?

It’s difficult to give a definitive “yes” or “no” answer until we have assessed your property to see whether we think there is a possibility of heavy rain causing ‘wet wall’ issues or damp.

A lot of contemporary bricks absorb water easily and on new-build properties you will spot small plastic vents sat above ground level windows and doors. They’re commonly termed ‘weepers’ and they’re job is it enable rainfall to flow out of them when they meet the lintel supporting the brickwork above the windows and doors. This doesn’t mean though that a cavity tray won’t be necessary.

We also need to inspect the compass orientation and height elevation of the appropriate side of the property as those facing south or south west are more susceptible to rainfall exposure. Another determining factor will be the volume of brickwork utilised above the ground floor windows and doors as this increases the chance of a high level of absorption over exposed areas.

Don’t forget about our forever unpredictable climate too!

As we’re constantly reminded, we live in one of the world’s rainiest countries. It’s not unusual for some parts of the region to experience a month’s worth of rain in a single day and it’s won’t get dryer in the long-term that’s for sure.

Increased rainfall over the past few years has necessitated the installation of a cavity tray retrospectively in many old extensions that previously went without one.

Erring on the side of caution is ultimately your best bet as a cavity tray will future-proof your conservatory or orangery against potential damp, so ask us to include it in the final costing up of your chosen design.

A Clearview consultant would be happy to give you more information about cavity trays and our market-leading conservatory and orangery designs. Book an appointment for a 1-hour long discussion.


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