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Bring The Outdoors Indoors This Summer With Bi-Folding Doors

This beautiful spell of weather we have experienced recently gives us all an urge to get out of our homes and enjoy it. Do it in style by commissioning the installation of bi-folding doors so that you can fashionably escape your indoor environment for the gloriously sunny outdoors whenever you desire.

Orangery Featuring Bi-Folding Doors

The sun has this unique way of making us feel good and full of energy. Scientists have also found that exposure to natural sunlight can benefit our health. Bi-folds will help you take in lots of it, especially in summer.

You could do one of several things – fit bi-folding doors into a suitable bit of wall space at the rear of your property or integrate them into an existing or soon-to-be-built conservatory or orangery.

The flexibility of a bi-folding door is a big selling-point.

You can include as few as 2 glazed panes in the design, up to a maximum of 7 glazed panes if you have the space to accommodate a design of this size, which as you can probably imagine looks mightily impressive.

When manoeuvring a set of bi-folding doors for the first time you will be immensely surprised at how simple it is to do. You only need to apply the slightest of pushes to make the respective door leafs concertina and make their way along the track until they reach the end of it and fully fold together. Credit to this must go to the aluminium used to craft the design as it is surprisingly lightweight.

There will be times when the weather puts paid to any opportunity to open your bi-folds. Don’t lament the weather on such occasions as the views provided through a bi-folding door are captivating thanks to the slenderness of the sightlines. Let’s be optimistic though and anticipate a gorgeous summer which if transpires will have you using your bi-folds on a frequent basis.

The easy accessibility bi-folding doors give you to the outdoors aren’t their only major selling-point

  • Stunning aesthetics
  • Enhanced security
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency
  • Increased house value


Let Clearview craft a bi-folding door in a colour that forever gives you the handsomest permanent link between home and garden. Click here to see a superb example of what we can do.  



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