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Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

We have been poised this question a lot over the last few weeks in our showrooms and on the telephone as local householders look to make their properties fully energy efficient ahead of winter.

Triple Glazing

We give customers both options at Clearview, supplying and fitting a very extensive selection of double and triple glazed windows and doors, so we’re perfectly placed to present you with the facts.

Once you have analysed the following factors you will hopefully have a better idea of whether triple glazing trumps double glazing or whether double glazing is sufficient for your needs.  


We’re always upfront about our costs and can tell you that triple glazed products cost more to buy than double glazing equivalents. You probably guessed that anyway as you get an extra pane of glazing.

We also happy to divulge that e.g. our triple glazed windows can offer a 40% higher level of thermal efficiency than standard A-rated double glazed windows and 60% greater thermal efficiency than standard ‘C’ rated double glazed windows. This will lead to significant energy savings, enough to help you recoup the cost of the windows more quickly than you would if you bought double glazing windows.

Noise reduction

Triple glazing is regularly advertised by some as being a sure-fire way of reducing the impact of external noise from disturbing you. It is true to an extent and not so true in some ways.

A triple glazed window or door can only restrict noise penetration when the three glazed panes and cavities are of varying thicknesses, not equal thicknesses. Even a double glazed solution can outdo a triple glazed solution for noise penetration if the former has those contrasting thicknesses and the latter doesn’t.


We internally bead all of our windows and doors to prevent the removal of any glass panes from the outside of a house, but you could view the addition of a third glass pane as being an enhanced security measure.

Triple glazed products come with the same locking mechanisms that you’ll find on a double glazed equivalent such as the multi-point lock system. This keeps them firmly fixed shut when locked to reduce the threat of any external force applied managing to force them open.  

Made up your mind?

It doesn’t matter if triple glazing has won the day or double glazing gets your vote, Clearview can provide both options. Request a FREE quote for your favoured choice today.

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