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Transform Your Conservatory Into A New Garden Room

It can be hugely frustrating when your old conservatory no longer provides the thermal efficiency needed in the summer and winter months as there is no enjoyment to be had from spending long periods in an extension that feels like an oven or icy cold.  

All is not lost though!

Sustained thermal efficiency can be restored and your conservatory will be given a new, exciting identity when you have it transformed into a garden room – a space for all seasons.

10 key points about garden rooms


  1. Most existing conservatories can be converted into a garden room or it can be constructed completely separate from the house as a free-standing structure.


  1. Unlike a conservatory, a garden room will usually have a tiled roof covering as opposed to a glazed roofing system. This will help it look like a natural extension of the house, rather than an add-on.


  1. The tiles that make up the tiled roof can be chosen in a colour (slate grey, pewter grey, red and chestnut brown)/style that complements any existing roof tiles.


  1. Any loss of natural light that occurs due to the tiled roof can be overcome by adding Velux Roof Windows.


  1. The tiled roof is also brilliant at deflecting away excess warmth or coolness so that the feel of the interior is forever comfortable.


  1. It is a multi-purpose space that can act as any of the following: kitchen, games room, lounge, TV room, dining room or office.


  1. Like an orangery, the majority of garden rooms have a brickwork base that will often stretch up to the roof of the extension, allowing for very long glazed panes.


  1. A garden room is so-called because you will benefit from the most beautiful view of your garden.


  1. You can integrate bi-folding doors, French doors or patio doors into the design if you want the option of a stylish opening into the garden.


  1. The front projection can have an overhanging roof so that you have a space outside where you can sit out shaded from the sun.


There’s life in that old conservatory yet when you convert it into a garden room – the perfect compromise if you want a thermally efficient building that fits somewhere in between a traditional extension and a conservatory. Visit our Garden Rooms page to see some fantastic examples of completed Clearview installations.


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